Welcome to St. John’s Broad Creek! We are a diverse Christian community. Chances are you will find someone like you here! St. John’s has deep roots along the shores of the Potomac River; we have been serving people here for 325 years. These deep roots hold us firm as we reach out to explore what it means to follow Jesus’ teachings in our lives today. There is no one right way to do this. Being a person of faith (or even pondering what spirituality and faith might mean for you) is an adventure. Adventures are better when there are people with you. Come, explore with us!


I like to say that all our doors are open at St. John’s. By that, I mean that there are many ways to engage with our faith community. The most traditional way to begin a journey in faith is to join us for worship on Sunday (8:00am & 10:30am) or Wednesday (9:30am).  Children are a part of worship at St. John’s; there is something special for them every time we gather for worship! If you’d like to get acquainted with Christian teaching first, we offer Bible study on Wednesdays at 10:30am and 7:00pm. Perhaps something hands-on is more your style, come volunteer at our food pantry or Homework Helpers. Whichever door you choose to open, we are waiting to welcome you!


Questions? Looking for more information? Please feel free to contact me at PastorSarah@stjohnsbroadcreek.org



The Rev. Sarah D. Odderstol