Round about this time of year – late fall/early winter (in Minnesota) – the seed catalogs would begin to arrive in the mail…Burpee, Harris, and others. My mother always set them aside in a special pile next to her chair. Mom put all the other catalogs we received in mounds by the 3 wood burning stoves in our home; we used their pages to build fires. This special pile of catalogs tickled my curiosity. I asked my mother why she put the seed catalogs in a special pile. She said she was saving them.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m saving them for when I need hope.” She replied.

“Hope?” This answer made no sense to me.

“Yes, hope. In January, when I am sick and tired of winter, these seed catalogs will remind me that spring and summer will come. Planning our next garden gives me hope.”

The theme of our annual giving campaign is Planting Seeds. Seeds are filled with hope – the promise of new life.
When we plant seeds, we receive and offer the gift of hope. The Episcopal Diocese of Washington created the thematic materials we are using.

The following link will take you to a reflection on Planting Seeds from Bishop Mariann:

Today, we continue to harvest the fruit of seeds planted along Broad Creek over three-hundred-and-twenty-five years ago. St. John’s is “who” it is today because of the seeds planted by the generations that have preceded us. What seeds do we need to plant today in order to assure that the community that planted St. John’s Broad Creek is bearing good fruit in five years? 25 years? 100 years? 325 years?

Your pledge to St. John’s is like a seed catalog. Whether you are offering your time, your talent or your treasure, your pledge is hope. Your commitment of a financial pledge – letting us know what you intend to give if all goes well – allows your leadership to plan. Planning for our future together gives us all hope!

I’m glad we are in the same corner of God’s garden!